A New Leeds Residency

Super excited to announce a new partnership with Chapel FM in Leeds!!!

A community arts space in Leeds and a two studio radio station, Chapel FM works with people of all ages. From workshops and clubs for young aspiring broadcasters, and a community drop-in cafe every Thursday, to rehearsal and live performance spaces, there is truly something for everyone.  Fuzzy Jones, the centre manager, and all the team, wholly believe in their vision: “Creativity with Purpose” marrying that sentiment with their dedication to sharing the arts with the local community.  So it is with great excitement that I begin this joint venture.
IMG_3359Marking the start of the residency and in
time for the Christmas period, in the downstairs cafe, you can see the originals of my seasonal Animals in the Snow series.

Looking forward, there are all sorts of exciting ideas whizzing around… watch this space!

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