East meets West: Ink Stories in Hull

A great partnership continues over at Namaste Tattoo Studio in Hull.

Holly Dosdale, proprietor, fine artist, tattoo artist and fellow roller derby player, has long been supportive of my work, and I am pleased to present The Birds, a collection of 5 pieces.  This is the second set of my works to have made the journey to Hull, our City of Culture 2017, to hang in Holly’s studio.

Her studio, offers custom tattoos in a variety of styles: Darren, black & grey work and portraiture, Lee, intricate, illustrative work, Ben uses a more traditional, etching style, and of course, Holly herself.  Her extensive portfolio spans many genres, with her preference being ‘stylized pieces with an illustrative twist, usually containing some pattern or dot work’12375485_10153720123034373_377451316_o

It is indeed an honour to have been asked back as a resident artist. Holly and I have previously worked closely on much of the artwork that adorns my skin, and are in the process of putting a style book together for a range of cave art style pieces; these will be available as both prints for your home or inks for your skin, or you could get both… matching sets!

The excitement continues. Watch this space for more details on this residency like no other!!!


For more info on Namaste Tattoo Studio and to make inquiries about any of the art available there, be it paper, canvas or flesh, go to www.namastetattoo.co.uk.  you can also find them on the usual social networks.

For information on the original works exhibiting at Namaste, please click here.

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