Peregrine Proof – He Stayed!

I recently met with my mysterious Wakefield Peregrines contact, to exchange information and obtain a rather interesting box (watch this space for future posts about the contents of said box…)

This encounter, by the Cathedral precinct (little known to be a work of art itself, by the Artist Tess Jaray, 1937 –) confirmed what I had suspected and hoped to be true: the young male that had arrived with his older mate last year, was indeed still in residence.

Why the un-surity? It is all about plumage.  The images below, taken at the Cathedral, show our ringed male, still a juvenile (around a year old – they moult at about 14 months) at first mating last winter, and him a year on, in full adult plumage, still bearing his ring.

Before and After

What a beauty!

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