Short Artist Statement

What do I do?

I have always relished the clarity of line, when I draw, above other traditional, 2D, visual art forms. I love that lines can be used to convey detail and depth, whilst retaining the integrity of each stroke. So while the call to incorporate or even switch media is there, for now, drawing is where my heart lies.

Another trait evident in the majority of my work, is my preference of using coloured or black paper. Upon research, I have found that my style carries aspects of Chiaroscuro, and I often make use of Rembrandt and other oblique lighting styles, really using the light and shadows to convey shape. There is something about the application of light to dark that is so fundamentally a part of me.

I have a number of theories as to why I prefer working in reverse to more traditional techniques: my dark skin, my Physics background and my personal beliefs. My full artist statement explores these further.
Light and Lines – the future; what do I hope to achieve?

I enjoy using light and line to communicate depth, movement and emotion. I especially find satisfaction in drawing eyes, making them windows to the soul. I have a special place in my heart for wildlife, and I really enjoy capturing feeling and emotion in the faces and eyes of my subjects; I develop an empathy for them. With ‘scapes both macro and micro, I like to ‘feel’ the contours and textures as I build them up on paper, using the play of light with dark to imply things not seen.

There are a number of avenues I wish to explore deeper:

Rembrandt lighting, nudes, bodyscapes and gender. The male and female forms are subtly different, lines angles and curves in different proportions. Now we are beginning to perceive gender as non-binary, what would/could this new landscape look like?

Minutiae. Using light and line to reveal structures not usually seen by the human eye: compound insect eyes, grains of wood, textures of skin…

Developing a body of work to parallel some of my forays into micro-literature. 5-7-5 & 3-5-3 senryu, right down to 6 word stories. Exploring that idea of using a little to convey much, with a focus on emotions.

Full artist statement available on request, you can use the form below.