The Peregrine Diaries

The Peregrine Falcon, Latin name: Falco Peregrinus of the family Falconidae (which also includes the famous Kestrel), the fastest bird in the sky…

Yes that bird, well, this year Wakefield attracted not one, but two of these amazing creatures, able to reach speeds of over 200 mph in their hunting dives (look out for this, it is a spectacular to see – but over really quickly, rather like watching the Tour De France pass through Wakefield this year).  The pair, a yearling, urban, male thought to have fledged at Sheffield, and his older woman from the wilds (he’d done really well I thought) shacked up together in the Sheffield made nest box and successfully fledge 3 young of their own.

Throughout the spring and summer, Wakefield saw clusters of people with cameras and binoculars of all forms, shapes, and sizes, gather on the Cathedral precinct to catch a glimpse of the young family.

This page of my website is dedicated to these birds and will be updated with facts, creative writing and images celebrating, and educating people about, these magnificent birds.


This page and any associated posts are maintained in partnership with @WfldPergrines on Twitter.


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